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Ultimate Gacha game where you can collect completely unique streamer characters!
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TsuKy Games
August 4, 2022
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Streamer Future Wars – Gacha Full Apk Download

Ultimate gacha game by TsuKy Games. Gather sompletely unique streamer heroes, train and awaken them and upgrade their weapons. Also possibly with battlepass and pay to feed devs darklight battlepass. However you can collect all the heroes and beat everything in the game for completely free!

10 Juner 2022 – Official release of this scuffed gacha game. Collect heroes, power them up by enhancing and awakening. Equip them with items and battle through 2 chapters of story with actual STORY LINE. More coming hopefully soon Copium.

Embark on a battle through 2 story chapters with described fight of good versus evil (light versus darkness) There’s actual but bad dialogue in the story so you don’t have to use your imagination.

Summon epic and legendary heroes that are completely unique and definitely not like heroes you can find in other games and definitely not resembling any streamer you might or might not know. As in most hero collector rpg games, you can power them up here as well! Currently in only 4 ways and that’s more than enough for now!

You can collect rare artifacts – gear pieces and battle it out in arena that totally contains real opponents even though most of the game can be played offline. (We promise to put real opponents in at some point if we are still jobless or we get support from you guys).

Most of the game can be played afk if you have enough power, and the few players we have told us the story is way too easy even for f2p. Auto Repeat Battle feature is finished and will help you farm everything forever! Why play the game when it can clear the stage again and again for you on its own.

Don’t forget the grind for the correct stats on your legendary items that feels so…..exciting. We have that too! Even tho you rarely need them and rare items are somehow stronger… go get those legendaries!

Will for sure contain raids and guilds in near future (when we can figure out some netcode) and other great epic adventures that you for sure don’t want to miss.

Open to collaborations with any franchise but don’t expect any since there’s no funds to afford it.

There is no cloud saving cause we are really noob devs, if you encounter any big issues let us know on [email protected] and we will try out best to help you. If you want to see our next game improved a lot, let us know your feedback.


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