Office Hour: QR Code Attendanc Full Apk Download


QR code scanner based employee management app: an alternative Payroll Software
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February 9, 2019
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Office Hour: QR Code Attendanc Full Apk Download

Attendance management system needs to be very easy to do. This employee management app Office Hour reduces the overall time for tracking staff performances and it is based on qr code scanner.

In the app there is two types of user.

One is the Employer or Manager who manages the attendance tracking system or HR management system and another one is the employees .

Employees have their credential and employees will scan the QR code which will be given by the CEO or Manager of the company in order to make their attendance easily.

How The App Works:

Employer Side:

1. After registering a company the app will generate qr code. Then the generated QR code can be downloaded by the employer. Company manager will print that qr code and place them to anywhere in the office and request the employees to scan for check in at office time and checkout at checkout time.

2. In app, employer will get to see every employees everyday check in time, check out time at the Attendance tracking app screen

3. In Absent Screen, Employer will find the absent employees of the day and also employer can easily email that specific employees who is absent.
Also employer can export monthly basis check in, check out time data to spreadsheets.

4. In Response Screen, Employer will get to know why any employees checked in lately or left the office early as a reasoning message.

Employee Side:
1. Employees will create the employees account and they’ll get different option like Check in, Check Out, their History of attendance tracking in app.

2. Every time employee will enter the office they should scan the qr code that is given by the manager.

3. If any employee comes to office lately or leaves the office early they’ll be prompted a message box for reasoning why they come lately or leaving the office early.

The whole attendance tracking system complexity is done under the hood of Office Hour: QR Attendance App so that manager or the CEO of the company doesn’t have to worry about employee management system.

Just download the app and give a try for your company cause it’s totally free and this Attendance tracker app is built for you so that your life gets easier to focus on the amazing products instead of worrying the employee management system.


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