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Start from scratch in this life simulator and become a mega rich businessman
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October 21, 2022
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My Success Story Business Game Full Apk Download

Turn from a homeless without house and money into a successful and rich businessman in the best life simulator game of the year. Start from the bottom, working to save all the money which you need to create an idle business and if you work hard and make the right decisions, you can become an incredible rich businessman with an amazing career. This life game will allow you to become the new Jeff Bezos or even richer than him!

You will start without money in your pocket and living in some public bedroom like a homeless, then you will have to make some decisions in this life simulator game to make enough money to build your first business. Work hard everyday in your business and the success will be part of your life, you will become a rich businessman and you will have enough money to increase your profits investing in other business like the stock market or creating new business like a pawn shop.

After becoming a successful businessman, you will have to take care of your personal relationships and health like real life. Keep in mind that all the super billionaires have a successful life with a lot of money, rich friends and crazy parties where everybody spend a lot of money. This life simulator or life game will offer you all these experiences from your mobile. It’s truly amazing to pass from homeless to a successful businessman!

You will have some goals in “From Homeless to Successful Businessman” and some incredible features:


You know that you will start from the bottom, being a homeless and without money to invest but in this life simulator game, you can create the person who you ever wanted to be. If you ever wanted to have blue eyes and long brown hair, “From Homeless to Successful Businessman” is your game for sure.


Although you start like a homeless, you can change your life if you save money and start to study. Business administration and learn how to become rich at university.

You will have to start to work for some billionaire at the beginning but if you work hard, you will get success and a brilliant career as a businessman. Your only objective is to be like Jeff Bezos so if you want to be billionaire, you have to save money and create idle business in this life simulator game!

Relationships are important for human beings so you need to take care of your social needs. Make social decisions for your character like going to the casino, to a crazy party or to meet any special girl for you.

Who knows… maybe you can have a wonderful family with all the money of your businesses and stock exchange.

Your relationships and friends will affect your businesses and your career so be careful with this or you will end in the street again like a homeless!


As a businessman, you will have more money which you spend every month so you will need to invest your money in other businesses like the casino or the stock exchange. You will be able to duplicate your money and your social status will be even better than jeff bezos, the richest billionaire in the world!


The advantage of becoming rich and successful is that your social status and your bank account are enormous! In “From Homeless to Successful Businessman” you can buy incredible super cars like lamborghini, ferrari, bugatti, big mansions with a lot of girls inside or even an entire football team!

Remember that if you work hard, you will be a successful business man in life and therefore, the money and success will be part of your life in this game.

You can have everything you want in your real life but playing an incredible life game or life simulator. Earn billions of dollars and get a special social status to write your own successful history.

From Homeless to Successful Businessman is the best life simulator of the year so if you didn’t download it, don’t wait more and start a success life in the best business and life simulator game!


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