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A whole new world begins when you enter a contract with a devil...
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September 28, 2022
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My Devilish Contract Mod Apk Download


You follow the story of a boy who lacks self-confidence. He can’t even muster up the courage to ask a girl out. One day, he happens to find a book in the attic. He decides to open the dark and suspicious book and inside, he finds a spell that can “grant any wish.” He reads the spell out loud and a puff of black smoke spews from the book. Out of the smoke, a demon appears.
“Are you the one that has summoned me?”
Asks the demon named Amon. But the boy is too afraid to answer at first.
“Tell me your wish, I will make it come true!”
States Amon.
The boy can’t think of anything he really wants, but mumbles about “wanting enough courage to ask a girl out.”
Amon smiles, saying he’s acknowledged his wish and suddenly kisses the boy.
The boy is shocked but Amon tells him that the contract has been sealed.
However, the boy feels no different with no extra courage.
“Have no fear, my true powers will soon be apparent…”
Amon says as he possesses the boy’s body…



A condescending alpha demon that looks down upon humans. He’s very high ranking amongst demons and is respected by many other demons. However, his pride knows no limits and he’s unwilling to genuinely thank people or apologize. While he has the power to easily grant wishes immediately, he prefers to make humans work for it and enjoys watching them grow as they overcome struggles. He claims his style of granting wishes is to “give them opportunities.” In the past, he granted wishes immediately like Zagan, but after an incident where doing so led his human down a path of destruction, he changed his ways. In fact, this experience made him psychologically unable to use his powers to immediately grant wishes.


A mature and calm demon that also sees humans as inferior. However, he can be a bit of a spacecase at times. While he’s of equal status as Amon in the demon world, he’s more of a lone wolf and considered hard to approach. He considers his style of wish granting as “immediate gratification.” He sees Amon as his rival and prefers to grant wishes immediately, giving him the opportunity to take souls quickly. He secretly worries for Amon who is risking his life by changing his stance on granting wishes.


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