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April 15, 2021
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Merge Heroes – Idle Clash War Mod Apk Download

You need to help Hyman Sarel return to Aalto to succeed the lord, and then conquer the entire continent of Hiram.


1. Merge Weapons & Shields to enhance Hyman’s ability.
2. Recruit heroes for idle battle.
3. Collect epic equipments.
4. PVP with other players.
5. Occupy territories to get greater benefits.
6. Gain great offline bonus everyday.

Discover the great Hiram continent, fight for survive and thrones. The first King of Hiram is You!

Before the game:
After Hiram was abandoned by the gods, humans, dwarves, barbarians, elves and night elves thrived here. For the sake of territory and survival, the war never stopped.

Clement Sarel, the old lord of Alto in the west, felt that his health was getting worse, so he approached Archmage Marklin and asked him who was Alto’s suitable heir. Maclin did not hesitate to tell Clement that the two sons of the old lords in Amdburg were not suitable heirs, and the youngest son Hyman, who was a proton in Montos, was the future king of Alto. Hyman was sent to Montos as a proton at the age of 12 to consolidate the alliance between the two countries. Clement almost forgot the appearance of this young son. Clement asked Maclin why. Maclin tried to open his red right eye and said in a low voice: The gods did not forget us. They told me that Hyman was Alto’s hope, and he was also Hiram’s hope.

“I can only send you here.” Aaron said in a sad tone, “Jothuheim is in front of us. I have sent a message to the guards of the city. They also said that they will host a dinner for you.”. Aaron continued, “I didn’t believe that a son who was not loved by my father, could be selected as the heir. This may be a scam from beginning to end.” Hyman thought for a while and said, “No, The letter did have my father’s autograph and seal of Aalto’s lord. It’s an adventure, but it’s also my responsibility.” Aaron shook his head and said, “The letter may be true, but I have received messages that someone from the Sarel family is already calling for bounty hunters, and the target is likely to be you. Anyway, I will always treat you as a brother on your side!”. Hyman hugged with Aaron , and said: “For this sentence, I will live!” Hyman saw Celeste standing at the end of the group at a distance, and wanted to say goodbye to her, but Holding back again, he turned and walked into the city gate.


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