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Improve your sensory memory and iconic memory Memory game for adults and kids
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February 2, 2020
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Memorize the number Mod Apk Download

Have a lot of fun while improving your memory skills with Bubblemind – Memory Game. Colorful game that will help you train your memory. Perfect memory game for people of all ages, not just kids. Test your average memory with every level you pass. See if you have memory like a fish or memory like an elephant.

Features of Bubblemind – Memory Game

-Simple UI
-40 levels
-Colorful bubbles and numbers

Memory is divided into three main classes: sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory.

-Sensory memory holds sensory information less than one second after an item is perceived. The ability to look at an item and remember what it looked like with just a split second of observation, or memorization, is the example of sensory memory.

-Short-term memory is also known as working memory. Short-term memory allows recall for a period of several seconds to a minute without rehearsal.Its capacity is also very limited.Modern estimates of the capacity of short-term memory are lower, typically of the order of 4–5 items; however, memory capacity can be increased through a process called chunking.For example, in recalling a ten-digit telephone number, a person could chunk the digits into three groups: first, the area code (such as 123), then a three-digit chunk (456) and lastly a four-digit chunk (7890).

-The storage in sensory memory and short-term memory generally has a strictly limited capacity and duration, which means that information is not retained indefinitely. By contrast, long-term memory can store much larger quantities of information for potentially unlimited duration (sometimes a whole life span). Its capacity is immeasurable. For example, given a random seven-digit number, one may remember it for only a few seconds before forgetting, suggesting it was stored in short-term memory. On the other hand, one can remember telephone numbers for many years through repetition; this information is said to be stored in long-term memory.

iconic memory register pertaining to the visual domain and a fast-decaying store of visual information. It is a component of the visual memory system which also includes visual short-term memory. iconic memory is no longer thought of as a single entity but instead, is composed of at least two distinctive components.
It has been debated throughout history, current understanding of iconic memory makes a clear distinction between visual and informational persistence which are tested differently and have fundamentally different properties. Informational persistence which is the basis behind iconic memory is thought to be the key contributor to visual short term memory as the precategorical sensory store.


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