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Are you a visual learner? Learn Hangul, Japanese and Arabic with memory tricks
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August 24, 2022
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Learn Languages with Dr. Moku Mod Apk Download

Everybody learns differently and Visual Learners often struggle with new languages.

Learn to read, write and speak 🇯🇵 Japanese Hiragana & Katakana, 🇰🇷 Korean Hangul in record time with Dr. Moku’s animated flashcards. Come back to practice with quizzes or to look up a character’s sound or shape in seconds.

How will Dr. Moku work for you?

✅ Unforgettable animated stories and characters.
✅ Bite-sized lessons and recaps make learning each alphabet easy.
✅ Mnemonics are a proven language learning technique.
✅ Learn how to write each character with animated stroke orders.
✅ Practice Modes: Reading, Listening, and Combo quiz modes help you brush up when needed.
✅ Audio Charts: each alphabet has a handy reference chart with audio samples.
✅ Save tricky Hiragana, Katakana, and Hangul flashcards to a list and revise them easily with Autoplay.
✅ 1000 Essential Japanese and Korean Words and Phrases with audio recorded by native speakers.
✅ Free app with no annoying third-party ads. Nice.

Dr. Moku’s teaching method is perfect for complete beginners to learn Japanese and Korean Hangul without rote memorization.

Mnemonics are memory tricks that help you remember and retrieve abstract concepts. By focussing on Dr. Moku’s mnemonic clues, audio, and imagery, your will brain will auto-magically associate the shape of the character with the sound.

Learn the Japanese alphabets (Hiragana and Katakana) on your own and in record time. Master the Korean alphabet (Hangul) quickly and slickly with minimal effort.

Don’t you hate when companies claim to make learning fun?

There really is nothing “fun” about learning languages.

There’s definitely satisfaction in impressing friends, passing exams, and using your language skills in the real world but the FUN comes in the time you SAVE by finding the right learning method.

Dr. Moku strives to make learning languages painless and effective so you have more time to create your own fun.

Studying sucks. Memorization stinks. Mnemonics work.

The first Dr. Moku app was published way back in 2010, it was primitive and clunky but it helped tens of thousands of people to learn Hiragana and Katakana without the pain of rote memorization.

This new app is the start of a whole new chapter. The vision is to gradually add new languages and subjects using the same mnemonic techniques.

Stick around, it’s going to be fun!


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